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Electrical engineering school “Mija Stanimirović” educates 804 students for 5 occupations of the fourth degree:


The electrical engineering school “Mija Stanimirović” has 110 employees, of which 90 are teachers. Special attention is paid to the development of digital competences of teachers and the increasing application of digital technologies in teaching.

The electrical engineering school “Mija Stanimirović” went through various reforms and reconstructions during its existence. In January 2009, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia awarded ETŠ “Mija Stanimirović” the Svetosava Award for outstanding contribution to the development of education in Serbia.

The school follows modern trends, improves work techniques and methods using modern means and equipment, achieves cooperation with a large number of social partners, schools in the country and abroad by participating in significant projects and continuously adapts to modern educational trends. The main principles of the strategy of further development are the professionalism of the teaching staff, work in the interest of the child, the education of professional staff, ready to join the world of work but also to continue their education.

Školski centar Kranj
Kidričeva cesta 55, 4000 Kranj
Veb sajt:

The School Center Kranj was created by the merger of the Technical School Center Kranj and the Center of Economic and Service Schools from Kranj. Thus, the School Center continued and united the tradition of Carniola secondary schools that began after the Second World War. Teaching takes place in modern classrooms, laboratories and workshops. The school center has signed agreements with more than 300 companies and organizations where pupils and students can perform practical training. Adult education is carried out in parallel with the regular education of students. The content and programs are related to programs of regular education and skills needed in the companies of the region.

Kranj School Center consists of five organizational units:
* Secondary technical school (with programs in informatics, electronics and mechatronics),
* Secondary economic, professional and civil school
* Specialist high school,
* Vocational faculty (mechatronics, informatics, electrical energy, economics),
* inter-company education center where trainings are conducted and realized: cooperation between the school center and the business.

1,500 students are included in vocational and technical secondary school programs, while 600 students attend vocational college programs and about 300 students attend adult education programs. Programs are also open to students with special needs, successful athletes and talented students.

Kneginje Ljubice 3-5
19000 Zaječar
Tel: 019/422-876; 443-056
Fax: 019/422-876

Today, the technical school represents a leading educational institution, not only in the region, but also in the Republic of Serbia. The use of modern teaching tools, the introduction of new teaching methods and raising the quality of teaching in general is one of the primary goals of school development.

A lot of money was invested in tidying up the school space, equipping the school with computer equipment, modern teaching aids, laboratory equipment and teaching staff education.

The technical school deals with educational work and professional training of staff for the following areas of work:

Electrical engineering

Computer technician
Electrical technician for vehicle electronics
Mechatronics technician
Information technology electrical technician
Mechanical engineering and metal processing

Mechanical technician for computer engineering

Technician Road traffic
Motor vehicle driver

The school is attended by about 840 students, distributed in 31 classes. Educational work is carried out by 73 teachers, professional associates and teaching assistants.

All classrooms are very well equipped with teaching aids, laboratories and workshops are equipped with machines, measuring instruments, tools and accessories. The school has a modern computer machine for car gear adjustment and a computer system for diagnosing faults on new generation cars.

SUGS „Vlado Tasevski” – Skoplje
III makedonska brigada bb, 1000 Skoplje

  • 389 2 240 00 40
    +389 2 240 00 40

Our story began way back in 1959 with the Decision on the establishment of the Railway Center for Vocational Education of Youth and Adults. In the year when we celebrate 60 years of work, there are a total of 54 classes in our school – 38 classes in the Macedonian teaching language and 16 classes in the Albanian teaching language.

Classes are held in the premises of our school, as well as in the premises of SUGS “8. September”. The total number of students in the 2018-2019 academic year is 1,112 students.

What we are particularly proud of is the fact that the number of students who decide to continue their secondary vocational education in our school is constantly increasing from year to year, which means that “a good voice is still heard far and wide” and that our efforts to create a modern educational institution according to the highest standards are not in vain and unreal.

Our vision for the future of the school is to make it better and more successful, to justify the choice of those who decided to sit in these benches, to make it a positive community of good teachers and even better students, to create conditions for the acquisition of quality knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable students to successfully fit into higher levels of education, but also to practically prepare them for competitiveness on the labor market. Our dream, what drives us forward and inspires us, is to create a school that will be an example in our environment and beyond.

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