The Smart World Wins



• Developing knowledge and skills for designing, implementing and programming “smart devices”.
• The need for personnel who understand not only the software but also the hardware on which it runs software should be implemented
• The possibility to make up for the deficiency through extracurricular activities teaching contents of professional subjects

The goal of the project

The main goal of the project is to raise students’ competencies in the field of use microcontrollers and training to find solutions for their practical use application
This would be achieved through:
• training of teachers and students for the practical implementation of “smart devices”,
• creation of educational material and an online course that will, in addition to educational sides to have an interactive one, allowing students to while attending the course exchange ideas with each other,
• organization of competitions where students will be able to highlight their own creativity and innovation, starting from the presentation of the idea to the final realization of the product, respecting the advance setting of the request.

Results of the project

• Created educational materials. Each school will get its own area of ​​application microcontroller in which he will develop materials with differentiated tasks on several levels
• Online course for teacher and student education.
• Student competition

Target groups

• Students and teachers
• Primary and secondary schools that will use educational materials and an online course.

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