The Smart World Wins

Erasmus + project strategic partnership for VET

1.11.2020 – 31.10.2022.

About the project

“The Smart World Wins” is an Erasmus plus project of the Strategic Partnership of schools from Slovenia, Macedonia and Serbia. One of the essential goals of professional education is the development of practical knowledge and skills that would lead to faster adaptation to work in real time and better competitiveness of students on the labor market.

Accordingly, we believe that it is crucial for schools to develop online learning as an innovative approach to teaching and learning, but it is equally important for students to develop critical thinking, teamwork and competitive spirit.

We have integrated all these important aspects of education into the project.

The first international meeting of project partners

Skoplje april, 2022.

The first meeting of partners on the Erasmus+ project “The Smart World Wins” was held in Skopje on 13-14. 4. 2022. The meeting was attended by representatives of partner schools ETŠ “Mija Stanimirović” from Niš, School Center Kranj, SUGS “Vlado Tasevski” from
Skopje and the Technical School from Zaječar.

This meeting marked the official start of the Strategic Partnership project after several months of delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. School principals, school team coordinators and teachers who will participate in the creation of electronic materials and online courses were present from each partner school.

Project activities held in Kranj

As part of the implementation of the “Smart World Wins” project, a training session was held in Kranj from April 19 to 21 for teachers involved in the implementation of the project. In addition to the teacher of ETŠ “Mija Stanimirović” from Niš, the training was also attended by teachers of the Technical School from Zaječar and SUGS “Vlado Tasevski” from Skopje.

The implementers of the training were colleagues from the School Center in Kranj.

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